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Everything is possible - yours truly realised her dreams connected to G.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately - one reason was that Tumblr is slowing down my computer and mobile, second is that I kinda lost heart for Garou. 

I’ve been to his concert in February, but lack of meeting back then made me not be fully happy with that. I loved meeting my friends, I met Benoit, his drummer, and I bought his amazing books, but something was missing. 

I was frustrated, because I was seeing all the photos of my friends who had a chance to see Garou and have a photo. I wanted to let him know he made an impact on my life, that thanks to him I met best friends..

And 12 years after I saw him on the stage of Sopot festival for the first time- 15 minutes from place where I live - I had a chance to have this photo in the same place, it happened on Friday, last week.

And I did talk to him. 

It was a short meeting, there were also other friends who had a chance to talk to him, but I talked with him about how his music changed me and made me help. And when he heard I have a job with French language, he switched languages and made me talk in French. :)

Let me tell you, that many years of waiting made me calm, made me responsible and because of the wait I was able to tell him all that. And I realised I didn’t tell him I love him - I just made him say ‘merci’ to me :) 

So, I just want to tell you - all is possible. Believe - and after eternity, one way or another - it will come true. 

Yours truly,



pssssssst Belles….did you know that our beloved Bossu released a new album back in November? 

during my tumblr hiatus I found this and I’ve been listening to it ever since. The whole thing is something you can listen to from the beginning to end, in order, over 20 times. 

Just go listen to this. Garou is beyond perfect. 

You know you want to. 

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